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Wu Qiang Haiyi Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. is good at violin, viola, cello, bass, electric violin, electric cello, electric bass, the accessories&parts for the musical instruments etc. As a fast- development and effective mucial-instrument producer, Top-grade device, Innovation, Excellence Tech and the Perfect Quality Control System help us have a fast development. Mr lu are leading the hard-working and wisdom Xuelieniao-people to present more and more achievements. Inherited from the wonderful violin tech of Italy, combined the self-innovation on the field of Sound Test And Analysis System, The XingMei Brand Beautiful Shape, High Tech, Excellent Tone and is very popular in Domestic and Overseas.
There are 200staffs in our company. And over 100 people are High-Tech violin-maker. Over 50000pieces violins are made one year. 45% High-Grade violins, Over 80% are sold to Overseas. Also, wehave rich wood store, can meet our customers needs. The quality and the service is our foundation, we will provide the best products and services to our customers. We will learn the good points from others,combined the Advanced tech and experience. We will continue to study and make new and best products for our customers.

Haiyi Musical Instrument

Wu Qiang Haiyi Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. supplier specializing in producing violin,viola,cello,bass,colourful violin,electric violin,electric cello,electric bass.
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